Choosing To The Right Diabetic Dog Food

Choosing To The Right Diabetic Dog Food

Diabetic Dog Food

When it comes to being able to assist your dog in taking control over their diabetes there are a number of key ingredients,Choosing To The Right Diabetic Dog Food Articles your pet should be consuming. While this is an area that is still under much research some of these ingredients have been shown to aid significantly in controlling diabetes in dogs.

1.) Fiber.
Diabetic dog food should contain more fiber, particularly soluble fiber. Soluble Cheri Honnas fiber has been shown to be able to slow down the absorption of glucose from the digestive system. By slowing down the absorption of glucose, this will reduce the risk of a rapid increase in blood glucose.

2.) Low Fat.
If your dog is overweight and also has diabetes, it is highly recommended that your dog is placed on a special diet that will also help them lose weight. A low-fat diet for your dog will have fewer calories, which will assist them in being able to lose the extra weight that will help manage their insulin level. When combined, a high-fiber, low-fat diabetic dog food will allow your dog to feel full, lose weight and have proper control over the glucose levels in their bloodstream.

3.) Water.
Your pet should be drinking plenty of water regardless of if they have diabetes or not, but they need to increase their water intake depending on the type of diabetic dog food they will be eating. Foods that are high in fiber will require your dog to drink more water through the day. This is because the fiber will take out more water from your dog’s body and this can lead to constipation or other uncomfortable and even serious issues.

Many dogs will be able to adjust to a high fiber low-fat dog food that is available at any pet stores. Other dogs may be prescribed a special diabetic dog food and some veterinarians may also suggest or assist you in choosing the best homemade dog foods that can benefit you dog. Many dogs may have difficulty switching to a prescription dog food, but it is crucial that you keep a close eye on your dog, and ensure that they are eating enough. In some instances, you will want to feed them even less than ideal options just to ensure they are eating enough, but soft or moist packaged foods should be avoided due to their high amounts of sugar. Consistency can make a huge impact on how well maintained your dog’s diabetes can be. With consistency and the right diabetic dog food your dog can live a long and healthy life, even with diabetes.

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